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NGC-accredited Judging

Judging: Standard System of Awarding as conforms to the NGC Handbook for Flower Shows, Revised 2017, 2nd Edition.

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Design Division I

Tulsa Designers Unlimited

Section A - Reflecting on Traditions

  • 1st Place, The American Dream, Judy Grotts
  • 1st Place, A World of Wonder, Judy Weaver
  • 1st Place, On Stage - Standard Flower Show, Rose Schultz
  • Award of Distinction, Rose Schultz

Section B - The Art of Flowers - An Exhibition of Floral Art

  • 1st Place, County Fair, Judy Grotts
  • 1st Place, Festival of Flowers, Carolyn McCabe
  • 1st Place, Ports of Call, Judy Grotts
  • Designer's Choice Award, Judy Grotts

Section C - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

  • 1st Place, The Wonderful World of Color, Brenda Michael-Haggard
  • 1st Place, Kaleidoscope of Beauty, Joann White
  • 1st Place, Flowers in Art, Liz Enochs
  • Tri Color Award, Brenda Michael-Haggard

Section D - Reflections of Art

  • 1st Place, Flowers with Flair, Liz Enochs
  • 1st Place, Pride of Possession, Rose Schultz
  • 1st Place, Spring in the Garden, Brenda Johnson
  • Petite Award, Brenda Johnson

Section E - Design for Living

  • 1st Place, Anniversaries and Flowers, Kathi Blazer
  • 1st Place, Let Freedom Ring, Carolyn McCabe
  • 1st Place, Southwestern Frontier Days, Linda Smith
  • Table Artistry, Kathi Blazer

Horticulture Division II

Growing and Showing the Beauties of our World

Tulsa Garden Club Awards

Helen Pearce Memorial Award, Josie Driskill

Loyce Anderson Memorial Award, Brenda Michael-Haggard

Tulsa Garden Club Special Award, Judy Grotts

Edith Barnard Novice Award, Brenda Michael-Haggard

Patti Moore Award, Linda Smith

Denise Caves Creativity Award, Judy Grotts

National Garden Club Awards

Horticultural Excellence Award, Linda Smith

Grower's Choice Award, Josie Driskill

Awards of Merit, Kloma Laws, Betsey Mahtani, Linda Smith, Cindy Davis

Arboreal Award, Brenda Michael-Haggard

Elfin Award, Judy Carter

Collector's Showcase Award, Kloma Laws

Education Division III


Section A - Trends and Echos

Exhibit 1 - And the ribbon goes to..., Rose Schultz

Exhibit 2 - ...the voice in the garden, Eileen Neer

Botanical Arts Division IV

Beauty is Everybody's Business

Section A - Glowing Past - Bright Future

Horticultural Award, Rose Schultz

Section B - Kaleidoscope of Imagination

Design Award, Linda Smith

Section C - Floral Beauty Colors our World

Artistic Crafts Award, Linda Smith

Section D - Springtime in Tulsa

Photography Award, Joanna Potts


Chair: Rose Schultz

Ex-Officio: President Josie Driskill

Judith Carter

Sandy Farris

Sheila Gist

Sadie Cole Gordon

Fleta Haskins

Sue Hicks

Teresa Haussman

Deanna Keegan

Marillyn Lay

Sue Lovelace

Jan Maloy

Melinda McLane

Brenda Michael-Haggard

Nancy Moerer

Debbie Moutsos

Marilyn Naud

Eileen Neer

Sandy Nowlin

Phyllis Ogilvie

Carol Puckett

Amy Riddle

Linda Smith

Lynda Vance

Judy Weaver

Charlene Wells

Show Schedule

Flower Show 2019 final schedule (docx)